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Tips for your barrier-free visit

If you are a visitor with restricted mobility and have any questions about accessibility, please contact us in advance by telephone on +49 (0)6251-86 92 00 or by e-mail at


  • By train: ramps are available at the platforms. The station exit and entrance are accessible at ground level. The museum center (museum and educational rooms) and the monastery grounds can be reached at ground level via Bahnhofstraße towards the city center (approx. 840 m.). The visitor information center (entrance to the open-air laboratory and the museum’s educational facilities) can be reached either via Bahnhofstraße and further into the city via Nibelungenstraße (approx. 1.6 km) or out of the city along the railroad line via Karlstraße (approx. 1.1 km).
  • By car/coach: The parking lots are located in Odenwaldallee, Nibelungenstraße (at property no. 12, Holzhandlung Koch) and on Karolingerplatz to the east of the monastery wall. The walking distance between the parking lots and the Museum Center/Königshalle/Klostergelände is approx. 300 m and to the Visitor Information Center (Lauresham open-air laboratory entrance) approx. 460 m.
  • By bus (public transportation):
    Bus stop “Bahnhof”: The route and distance corresponds to the description “By train”. This and the “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz” bus stop are both around 520 meters away from the monastery grounds/museum center and are at ground level.
    Bus stop “Odenwaldallee”: It is located approx. 1.1 km from Lauresham and approx. 960 m from the monastery grounds/museum center. Both locations are accessible at ground level via asphalted paths and residential roads.
    All the stops mentioned can be reached by bus lines 641, 643 and 646.

    Both the monastery grounds with the museum center and the visitor information center (Lauresham open-air laboratory) are accessible at ground level and barrier-free and are both located in traffic-calmed areas. The walking distance between the two locations is approx. 760 m.


  • Designated disabled parking spaces are available at the parking lot in Nibelungenstraße and are signposted (enter “Nibelungenstraße 12” / at Holzhandlung Koch).
  • Further marked disabled parking spaces can be found in the parking lot behind the Volksbank Bergstraße, Bahnhofstr. 15 – 17 The paths from the parking lots to the monastery grounds, the museum center and the Lauresham open-air laboratory are paved/asphalted and largely flat.

Wheelchairs/folding chairs

Wheelchairs and folding chairs, which can also be used as walking aids, can be borrowed free of charge at the ticket offices in the Museum Center and Visitor Center of the open-air laboratory, subject to availability, and must be returned there.

Wheelchair-accessible WC facilities

Ground-level and barrier-free toilets are available:
– Museum Center: in the entrance area of the P. Schnitzer Hall
– Visitor information center: opposite the ticket office/museum store

Entrances/box office/museum store

The museum center and visitor information center (entrance to the Lauresham open-air laboratory) are accessible without steps and without restrictions. The same applies to the ticket areas and the museum stores.


  • Museum Center: checkroom lockers are located in the entrance area of the Paul Schnitzer Hall.
  • Visitor information center: opposite the ticket office there are lockers which are also accessible for wheelchair users.

Assistance/guide dogs for the blind

Guide dogs are allowed in the monastery grounds, museum center and Lauresham. In the case of advance reservations, advance notice must be given.

First aid

First aid kits are available at the ticket desks and in all rooms of the Museum Center and the Visitor Information Center.


  • Monastery grounds
    The site is flat to slightly hilly and is accessible to the public via paved paths suitable for wheelchairs. This also applies to the herb garden, the church remains, the tithe barn and the Königshalle. The interior of the Königshalle can only be reached via a spiral staircase.
  • Museum Center
    All floors of the museum are accessible by elevator. There is enough space for wheelchair users between the exhibits. All but two of the museum education rooms are accessible at ground level or by elevator.
  • Lauresham open-air laboratory/visitor information center
    The site is level and accessible via water-bound paths. The buildings of the open-air laboratory are only accessible to a limited extent due to the protruding door thresholds. The site is below the level of the access road, but is accessible for wheelchair users via a ramp-shaped design of the visitor information center. The museum education rooms are all accessible at ground level.
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