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The Lauresham Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology aims to convey a vivid impression of the reality of life in the Carolingian period on as many levels as possible and through different approaches. This makes it possible, on the basis of the various reconstructed buildings a typology of the house building methods of the time.

It shows everything that was possible for the Carolingian era and for the local region. This also includes the reconstruction of various fences and gardens. The fields and meadows cultivated at Lauresham continue to form an essential part of the educational program
In addition to the system of three-field farming, it is also possible to gain a better understanding of the ridge and furrow system already documented in the early Middle Ages or to discover the typical wild herb flora of the time. Last but not least, Lauresham offers the opportunity to see various animals that come as close as possible to the appearance of their medieval contemporaries.

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