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Freilichtlabor Lauresham (Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology)

On the circular route back east, the picture of life in the early Middle Ages is completed with a visit to the open-air laboratory for Experimental Archaeology Lauresham.
The aim is to make life outside the monastery comprehensible. Above all, however, Lauresham is a place of research, where the living conditions of early medieval social structures outside the monastery walls are investigated using this 1:1 model covering around 4 hectares.
With around 25 houses, stables, barns and workshops, with gardens, fields, meadows, pastures and a diverse stock of farm animals, the model village is a constant source of questions, observations, long-term experiments, a wide variety of tests and experiments and records of all kinds. Visitors are taken into the world of the Middle Ages on the one hand, and into the areas of modern research and its methods on the other.
A diverse program of events and workshops allows visitors to immerse themselves in worlds that are not usually easily accessible. Firstly, into the world of the early Middle Ages, which poses more questions than answers. Secondly, into the world of Experimental Archaeology and its methods, which, in contrast to Classical Archaeology, lives less from quick results and more from patient, comparative observation.

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