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Museum Center

The museum center is located to the north of Lorsch Abbey. It was opened in 1995 and houses the monastery history department on its first floor. While the monastery hill primarily refers to the architectural significance of the monastery and the open-air laboratory Lauresham, newly opened in 2014, refers to its importance in the history of rule, the museum center is dedicated to the educational history of the former imperial abbey and thus the third pillar of importance on which Lorsch Monastery still rests today.

The importance of the Lorsch Scriptorium, especially for Charlemagne’s educational reform, is discussed there. And of course the important Lorsch library, which has been completely digitized in recent years. The museum in Lorsch is also dedicated to important books such as the Lorsch Rotolus, the Lorsch Pharmacopoeia, the Lorsch Codex and the Lorsch Gospels.

The first floor houses a 500m2 temporary exhibition space. The building also houses a tobacco museum.

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