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Collection, archive and library

In order to enable people from all over the world to get to know and research different traction traditions, the Center is continuously striving to build up a display collection and an archive on the subject. The core aspect here is the collection and management of historical and contemporary archival materials such as photos, files and also objects such as yokes, collars and ox shoes. The Center benefits from close cooperation with national and international museum institutions and archives, but also from the willingness of private individuals to make their private collections available to the Center.

Building on an exhibition on the cultural history of the yoke held in March 2024, work has also begun on building up a digital collection in cooperation with researchers from Heidelberg University. This involves successively scanning individual yokes and collars in high-resolution 3D and photographing them so that they can be viewed and studied in their final state free of charge and from the comfort of anyone’s home. The same applies to the online provision of photos and oral history testimonies, such as tape recordings or video interviews with cattle farmers from all over the world.
Thanks to a generous donation from the private collection of the renowned German draft cattle expert Dr. Rolf Minhorst, it was also possible to build up a special library on the subject of animal husbandry, agricultural engineering, sustainable forestry and agriculture. It is now planned to continuously expand this – also through further donations.

Access to local resources is uncomplicated and, on request, internships and research stays can also take place at the Center, during which the guest room can also be made available.

Access to the virtual collections will be made available soon.

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