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Strengthening national and regional initiatives

The Center is also keen to support existing initiatives and projects or those planned by partner organisations. One of the flagship projects in this respect is the so called Oxen Clinic Uganda, which was founded in 2017 with the support of Tillers International and other partners. The Draft Cattle Center currently supports a new initiative of the Oxen Clinic in which they plan to work with smallholder farmers, local wood and metal artisans, development partners, agricultural institutions of learning such as colleges, universities as well as business partners to develop, design, test and promote low capital draft animal powered tools and equipment using the available local materials and most importantly putting farmers interest first. It is supposed to be a demand driven initiative. The tools and equipment will include but not be limited to a tool bar for attaching different field equipment (planter, ripper, weeder/cultivator), improved donkey harnessing, single ox yokes, compost spreaders and improved yokes for different activities such as weeding, planting, transportation among others.

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